The VBOX Precision Ranging System (VPRS) dynamically measures the distance between two objects in real-time with an update rate of up to 100 times a second and an accuracy of ±2 cm, in any environment.

It is suitable for any application where you need to calculate a real-time separation distance between static or dynamic objects and does not rely on GNSS, which means the system is not affected by interference from atmospheric conditions or signal reflections and can also be used indoors.


Do you need to accurately measure and record coordinates so that they can be efficiently revisited at a later time?

Do you need accurate measurements in areas where GNSS is not available?

Are you looking for a reliable way to measure the distance between moving objects in real-time?

Do you require a measurement tool that does not require a clear line of sight?

If so, you now have a reliable and easy to use solution that does not require any complex set-up routines, survey installations or site control systems. Up to 5 systems can be used simultaneously and are easily configured using the free VBOX Precision Ranging System setup software.

What can VPRS deliver?


VPRS delivers ±2 cm accuracy, which is equivalent to GNSS with RTK corrections, and can measure the distance between objects up to 50 m apart.

Dynamic Measurement

A combination of a variable update rate (up to 100 Hz) and low latency makes the system ideal for static or high-dynamic applications.

Data Recording

The data can be viewed live on a Racelogic VBOX Touch and points can be saved to an SD card. The separation distance can also be output over an RS232 link or onto a CAN bus, allowing easy connection to third party equipment.


The VPRS beacons are small and lightweight which makes the whole system easy to transfer between locations and objects, and quick to change between set up configurations.

Easy Installation

VPRS is easy to install with no requirement for any complex set-up routines, survey installations or site control systems.

Low Power

VPRS beacons can be powered by 12 V batteries for use in situations where hard-wiring is not an option.  

How does VPRS work?

VPRS consists of a receiver (rover) and a beacon, which communicate using Ultra-Wideband (UWB). The rover is placed on one of the objects, the beacon is placed on the second object and the distance between each is then calculated by the rover.

Using in-house custom hardware, software and calibration routines developed by RACELOGIC, VPRS delivers an industry leading accuracy of ±2 cm. Additionally, the beacons are temperature calibrated to ensure accuracy in all conditions, from -30° to +60°C.

If you wish to record the data so that you can analyse it later, you can connect the rover to any control system or data acquisition system, such as the VBOX 3i, via Serial or CAN.

If you are using a VBOX 3i as part of your setup, you can also analyse the data in our user-friendly data analysis software, VBOX Test Suite, both live and after the event.

What are the applications of VPRS?

The VBOX Precision Ranging System can be used to measure the distance between two objects, in any environment, making it highly relevant to a range of industries including automotive, construction, mining and motion capture. For example, typical applications in the automotive sector include ADAS testing, static target testing and point-to-point measurements.

The flexibility of VPRS also makes it ideal for integration in to existing technologies and product ranges. We are always keen to hear from engineers, integrators and technical partners to explore new applications and collaborations.

What is the VPRS Technical Specification?

  • Update rate
    Up to 100 Hz
  • Position accuracy

    ±2 cm

  • Resolution

    1 mm

  • Range

    > 50 m

  • IP Rating

    IP 67

  • Operating Temperature

    -30°C to +60°C

  • Size (1 beacon)

    124 mm diameter, 74.5 mm height

  • Weight (1 beacon)

    350 g

  • Power requirements

    6.5 - 30 V DC, 100 mA

  • Communication with data logger (rover)

    RS232 / CAN

What else do I need to know about VPRS (FAQs)?

What is the maximum distance VPRS can measure?
VPRS can measure the distance between objects up to 50 m apart.
Can the system be installed permanently?
Yes, we can advise you on how to fit a system to your specific application.
Can I operate more than one VPRS system in the same location?
Yes, up to 5 systems can be used simultaneously in the same location.

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